June 7 Team – ON the SUMMIT!!!

Lead guide Sebastian Grau called in on behalf of the June 7th team. They are on the summit of Denali at this moment!

The team had a long, hard go of reaching this point, but they were graced with one of the warmest days Seba has seen in his 12 trips up the mountain. The team will spend some time on top, taking in the view and not a few pictures.

Seba left a nice tribute to our good friend, mentor and guide Peter “Pi” Inglis, who we lost this past April. Many on the mountain are climbing in tribute of that true mountain man.

The team will descend back to 17,200′ for the day, a trip which will take roughly three hours, depending on conditions. The heat is a mixed blessing. It allows them to climb in light layers, but I’m sure they have been hard pressed to stay hydrated up in that thin, dry air.


Here’s Seba!

Here is some video shot by Laura Duncan in 2013 on a similar clear summit day.

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