SNOW!! Lots of Snow on Aconcagua!

Lorenz called in from Camp 1 at 16,400′ (5000m) with an update after he and Fermin made a carry up to Camp 2 in very, very difficult conditions.  The hike up to Camp 2 generally takes about three hours, but the deep snow resulted in a six hour trip up today.

Snow has fallen to a depth of knee to mid-thigh deep!  Fermin describes the conditions as “very, very hard.  The hardest I have seen on the mountain.”  This is from a guide who has led over 40 trips up Aconcagua!

Here is Lorenz, calling from a very white Camp 1:

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  1. Dear Lorenz
    It sounds frightening to hear how hard the move to camp 2 was. So much snow everywhere! Here in Zurich, we have no snow at all. And it seems, that we will not have White Christmas in Zurich.
    You have carried your Equipment to camp 2 and stay for an other day in camp 1. We hope all, that the weather will change and bring you sunshine and less snow. All the best for you and the whole team.
    love Kristine + Heinz

  2. Dear Aconcagua team,
    Dear Lorenz,

    I am very much impressed by your ongoing super performance under extrem difficult conditions. You are really tough guys!
    I wish you all the best for the coming demanding tasks and hope you can soon celebrate a successful end of your journey.
    All the best
    Heinz Scheiwiller

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