May 27 West Buttress sees the sun again, plans to move to High Camp

Climber JB (which we’re assuming is Jay Beaudoin? If not, please correct us in the comments) called in a shout out and update on the Mountain Trip May 27 West Buttress team, once again from 14,200′, but with their sights set on moving higher.

Persistent storms that have plagued the mountain with high winds, low visibility, snow and wind, have started to clear–at least enough for the team to catch a glimpse of blue sky again. The sun came out for the first time in several days, which undoubtedly gave the team a new sense of optimism and renewed their spirits after many overcast days without much movement.

The parting of the clouds also gave the chance for the team to truly see their beautiful surroundings for the first time. At just over 14,000′, they are already above many of the rugged peaks in the Alaska Range (and most of the mountains in the lower-48, for that matter), with views out into the lowlands of Denali National Park, where glaciers give way to green.

Today, June 12, the team plans to break camp early in the morning, beating the other teams heading for the fixed lines. Along the way, they will retrieve their cache of food and supplies that they buried several days earlier, just above 15,000′. As long as the weather holds, they will continue along the ridge up to High Camp at 17,200′. From there, they will, with the right weather window, head to the 20,310′ summit.

Let’s hope the next report comes to us from High Camp. Here’s JB:

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  1. Thanks for the report, Jay. I hear the optimism in your voice and wishing the group a good climb to 17,000 and on to the summit. Take care and good luck. There are a lot of people rooting for you.

  2. Great to hear your voice !!! Wishing you the best for the climb to the summit.
    Prayers for your safety !! See you soon.

  3. Jay, It was so great to hear your voice! It is so exciting to hear the updates along the way. Sounds like everyone is holding strong. Hoping the weather continues to cooperate so you and your team can make it to the summit. Thoughts are with you all the way!

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