May 13 Denali West Buttress Team experiencing the ‘Talkeetna Hang’

Guide Karl Welter updated us that the May 13 Denali West Buttress team is waiting on their weather window in Talkeetna to fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier to Denali Base Camp.

Often, the weather may be clear at higher elevations, but low hanging clouds impede visibility; flying through large, glaciated peaks that can create their own weather is tricky enough with full visibility and clear skies.

The team is hoping to fly in this afternoon or tomorrow, depending on the weather! We will post updates when we received them. In the meantime, they will likely continue to carb load in Talkeetna’s various establishments and discuss glacier travel skills so they will be able to “hit the mountain running.”

Our fingers are crossed for a bit of high pressure for the team!

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  1. Asiu & Ewald
    Gpood luck to you and to the whole team…
    I am with you… Enjoy every moment….
    Love you

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