June 22 Denali Team – Rest Day at Camp 3

Kurt Shobesberger checked in from 14,200′ (4328m) with an update in both English and German.  Today was a planned rest day for the team.  They have been working hard for many days and the plan for today was to let their bodies rest and to take advantage of another day of acclimatizing to 14,200′.  This elevation has always seemed like an important one for building acclimatization.  It is not so high that your body is wasting away, as seems to happen at High Camp (17,200′ / 5242m), and climbers who spend extra time at 4328m seem to feel much better when they do climb high.

Kurt said the team reviewed skills that they will use on the upper mountain, and that it was, “an awesome day!”  They practiced ascending fixed ropes, which are ropes anchored into the snow at intervals, into which the climbers attach themselves with mechanical devices known as ascenders.  Ascenders are essentially rope clamps that will slide in one direction and clamp down on the rope when pulled in the opposite direction.  They will use this system when they climb up the steepest section of the West Buttress route – The Headwall.

Here’s Kurt –


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