Unfortunately today’s report is garbled, but we are able to catch a good portion of Todd’s commentary. The team had a windy night last night, tents shaking and not much sleep,  and they woke up to more of the same this morning. Todd, the eternal optimist, rallied the troops and they carried equipment and food until the weather got the best of them. They stopped at the col between Aconcagua and its neighbor, Ameghino, buried the cache under rocks, and high tailed it back to Camp 1. The weather report calls for the winds to gradually lessen over the next few days, so hopefully the team can keep the momentum and move up to Camp 2.

Here’s Todd:


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  1. Hi IT says leave a reply so I was just wondering if that means they get messages from us? Thanks Jenny Miller. Wayne miller on the Jan 13 Aconcoqual with Todd..I was under the assumption that we just got daily updates, and did not think we could send hello’s to them?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Replies on this format are mostly to the post itself, as we don’t have a good way to pass them along to teams in the field in any efficient manner. Anytime you might want to pass word along to someone on a team (Wayne!!), feel free to call or email our office. We can always get in touch with a team, but it might take a few hours, depending on what is going on out in the field on any given day.


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