West Rib Team in Base Camp

Marty, Kenny, and Denali hiked down to base camp last night.  Kenny is doing better and it’s good to hear that they were able to get back down to base camp on their own power.  They’ll get a flight out on a fixed wing flight this morning back to Talkeetna (weather permitting of course, but…

W. Rib Team

The Honey Badger team is split up now, but most of the team is at base camp this morning and waiting for a flight to Talkeetna as soon as the weather allows.  Marty and Denali have remained up at the 14,200ft W. Buttress camp with Kenny who is having some medical issues and waiting for…


Yesterday the Rib team rested and hydrated, waiting for a break in the weather. Marty reported high winds and new snow, but also a positive change in barometric pressure which may indicate improving weather. If things look good today, Tuesday, the team will mobilize and start heading up. Here’s Marty: recording


Late yesterday evening Marty called in to report that the team is safety at 16,200 ft camp. They had a big day moving from 14,200 to 16,200, but the team was moving well and they successfully navigated some tricky sections of the route. After some rest, the team plans to make a summit push n…

W. Rib Team Checking In

The team checked in from the W. Rib and they are doing great.  They’ve made a carry up as high as the 16,200 camp on the 6th.  They hope to move up there in a couple of days, but it looks like some weather might be coming in for a few days. Here’s Marty. recording