Nick ShepherdNick Shepherd

Climbing is so many feelings mixed together; watching miles slide by underfoot, searching a hand upward for that small ledge, or delicate tool placement as your heart pounds out a focused beat. The endeavor is really just a perfect, simultaneous juxtaposition and complement to the rest of life. Come get focused, step away from it all, or just smile for a few weeks with me, I’ve been guiding with Mountain Trip (amazing company) since 2007. We’re an educated bunch with a wide range of interests, no shortage of weather-day tall tales, and an uncanny ability to help you dig deep when it matters.

Personally, I’ve spent a lifetime outdoors, ranging from my home state of Alaska all the way out to most corners of the Earth. As an avid skier, climber, runner, pack-rafter, and all-around sport fanatic, I feel I bring fairly broad experience to my guiding. When not roped up and managing the safety of a team on some big mountain, you’ll likely find me at the controls of a helicopter, applying the same principles of risk management to a different endeavor. Come on out. Live a little. Get reminded of what a wide, wide world it is!


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