Eli Potter

I was interested in mountains and skiing at an early age in my native Adirondack mountains, and by my late teens my pursuit of the next higher peak and bigger wilderness adventure lead me to Alaska. It’s here that I’ve made my home for more than 25 years. Eventually, a passion for my own pursuits evolved into a passion for sharing them, and it became a career in guiding. I have now been on more than 50 commercial expeditions in Alaska alone, and have had the chance to climb and guide in many of the great ranges of the world.

A common season for me is spent between Alaska, Nepal, and Antarctica. In addition to several lesser peaks in these venues, I have guided many ascents of Denali, Mount Vinson, and ascents of 8,000-meter peaks Everest and Kanchenjunga.

As more years accumulate in my guiding career, I find the true art of guiding is facilitating a positive experience for everyone on the rope. The ability to get the least likely clients to the top of the peak of their dreams—despite a harsh environment—brings pride to my craft. In my opinion, a safe experience, personal growth, and happy memories are all we really need to bring home from any expedition. Of course, I always hope the summit is one of those memories!

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