Boaz Cesaretti

Growing up as the oldest of four siblings on a rural farm in Northern California, my first explorations into the vertical world were scaling hundreds of feet into the canopies of the Coastal Redwoods surrounding our home. These early experiences taught me risk assessment as I often found myself responsible for the wellbeing of my siblings; helping them stay safe, learn new things, and accomplish tasks and projects. These were my first jobs, and I continue to seek that rewarding feeling of shared achievement in my adult life.

I decided I’d spent enough time day-dreaming about climbing and skiing in big mountains. So, I dropped out of college, bought my first splitboard, and moved to Colorado to actively live those dreams. I took an avalanche awareness course and proceeded to go through a very slow learning curve, teaching myself how to tour and learning from a constant comedy of errors. When I learned to ice climb under the mentorship and watchful eye of a former alpine guide, I realized the necessity of guides to learn effectively, efficiently, and safely.

As my proficiency as an ice climber and splitboarder grew, so did my love for sharing these activities. Watching someone figure out how to do something that previously seemed insurmountable is a deeply rewarding experience that keeps me motivated and in love with my job. I am driven by my passion for breaking down barriers to access and sharing the activities that I love with others.

In 2021 I went back to school, attending Colorado Mountain College as a student of their Avalanche Science Program, and earned a Snow Weather and Avalanche Field Technician certification. I’m also a certified Wilderness First Responder, and hold a Professional Level 1 Avalanche certification from the American Avalanche Association. I’ve completed all apprentice level American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) courses, including the Rock Guide Course, Alpine Guide Course, Ice Instructor Course, and Ski Guide Course. Climbing has brought me all over the world, from Alaska to Europe and even South America. It’s my goal to become internationally certified as a mountain guide, so that I can continue to explore the mountains of the world with friends from all walks of life.

When not working as a guide, you can find me racing uphill on skis, hanging out at a crag rock climbing, or just going for runs with my dog, Sparrow. On my down days I enjoy gardening, reading, and floating down rivers.

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