Scott Woolums

I’ve been guiding in the high mountains for decades and Scott Woolumsactually helped train Todd and Bill over 20 years ago!

I enjoy guiding for Mountain Trip on Denali, where I’ve been on 45 expeditions over the past 30 years, climbing four different routes and standing on top 35 times. I have also been running Mountain Trip’s Mount Everest program, a peak that I have climbed seven times. I suppose I’m what you’d call a prolific guide, as I’ve climbed each of the seven summits seven times, and most of them many more than that!

I’m losing count of the number of times I’ve guided 5000+ meter peaks, but it’s probably close to 200 times? Over the years, I’ve had the chance to climb in 29 countries, putting up first ascents and guiding a lot of people up big, cold mountains. When I’m not on Denali, I might be flying around in my Cessna 182, riding a mountain bike or motorcycle or spending the Christmas season down in Antarctica, where I lead teams up Mount Vinson and ski to the South Pole.


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