Matt Park

Hi! My name is Matt Park and I grew up in Lehi, Utah. I was super lucky to grow up in a skier family and started skiing at 2 years old. Skiing was my gateway drug to the mountains and sparked a love of the outdoors that has grown and matured into a lifelong passion and career. I started climbing in 2002 and have explored every facet of climbing and skiing from bouldering to big wall, ice, and alpine climbing; Skiing urban handrails and park jumps to backcountry skiing and technical ski mountaineering. I have been married since 2012 to an amazing climbing and skiing partner that was willing to live in a van with me for 5 years while I pursued this lifestyle and became established as a guide.

I work full time and year-round as a mountain guide, moving with the seasons. I spend my winters in Salt Lake City, working mostly as a backcountry ski guide with a little bit of ice and alpine climbing mixed in. In the springtime I head up to The Alaska Range where I try to squeeze in a personal ski or climbing trip in between guiding expedition ski trips and Denali climbs. After the Alaska season I bounce between Salt Lake, the Tetons, and the Cascades guiding single pitch, multi-pitch, and alpine rock climbing. In the autumn I am usually hanging around the Utah desert exploring slot canyons, climbing desert towers, and recharging for another year.

I am working towards IFMGA certification through the AMGA and am currently a certified ski and rock guide. If all goes well, I will be an IFMGA guide in the fall of 2024 when I complete my Alpine Guide Exam. I have held a Wilderness First Responder/CPR certification since 2013 and completed my Avalanche Pro 2 in 2021.


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