NPS Climbing Registration and Mountaineering Special Use Fee for All Denali and Mount Foraker Climbers

All Denali and Foraker climbers must complete an online registration form with the NPS. The form requires climbers to pay for a “Mountaineering Special Use Fee,” in full, at the time of registration. The 2019 fee is $275 for climbers aged 24 or younger, and $375 for climbers over age 24; however, this fee is subject to change yearly.

Please note that this fee is nonrefundable after January 15th of the year for which you are registering. We suggest you protect yourself by bundling that fee into your trip cancellation insurance or perhaps wait until closer to your departure before you commit to that fee.  If you decide to wait and register closer to your trip, please make certain that you register at least 30 days before your climb, so the Rangers in Talkeetna have plenty of time to add your paperwork to that of the rest of your team.

HERE is the registration link.  Please note:

Prior to completing registration, the NPS requires that all climbers read Expedition Planning Tools.

There is a lot of important information in this booklet and it is a great way to help prepare yourself for the expedition. To ensure compliance of your familiarity with this informative publication, there is a “registration code” inside the booklet, which is necessary for completing your online registration.

Much of the form is self-explanatory, but the following should help with some of the sections:

  • For both EXPEDITION NAME and LEADERS (sic) FIRST & LAST NAME we suggest you just put “Mountain Trip
  • For NUMBER IN PARTY, you should enter either 9 (for 6-climber teams). Private groups should know the number in your party or just take your best guess (It’s not critical that your number is exactly correct)
  • For AIR TAXI SERVICE, select “TAT—Talkeetna Air Taxi” from the drop down
  • For DEPARTURE DATE, enter the day after your Team Meeting date in Anchorage
  • For RETURN DATE, enter the date which falls 22 days after what you entered for your DEPARTURE DATE (Again — it’s not critical that your date is exactly correct)

The most important parts of this form are the sections with your personal information and those that help the Park understand that you are part of a Mountain Trip expedition. The arrival date is pretty important as well, as that helps NPS staff keep track of who is on which team.

Climbers are required to register with the National Park Service (NPS) and pay the Denali Mountaineering Special Use Fee no less than seven days prior to the expedition. If you do not register the NPS will not allow you to participate in the expedition and you will not be allowed to fly onto the Kahiltna Glacier with the rest of the team. Mountain Trip will not provide you a refund if the NPS prohibits you from joining the expedition.

Hopefully, this all makes sense and helps you complete the registration form.   Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Good luck!!

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