So you want to climb a big, cold mountain?

Expedition climbing is not for everyone, but with the right mindset and some dedicated training, preparation and help, anything is possible!

Well, you have to start somewhere, so Mountain Trip would like to share some tips, advice and instruction.  Regardless of where you currently are with your skills and preparation, we hope that the information on the following pages will help you.

Expedition climbing requires that you prepare in several different areas, as reflected in our Mountain Skills pages.  Some of the skills are what we refer to as “hard skills,” like ice axe and crampon techniques.  Others are a bit more nuanced and we group them under the banner of soft skills, such as how to organize your pack and keeping yourself fed and hydrated.  Lastly, there is a physical fitness requirement, because let’s face it – climbing big mountains is hard work!

Much of the information presented on the following pages refers to climbing Denali, the highest peak in North America, but it is applicable for climbing in many, many areas around the world.  Mountain Trip was born on Denali in the early 1970’s so it seemed fitting that we honor that heritage by shooting many of our instructional videos in the Alaska Range.  Regardless of whether you elect to climb with us, with another guide service or if you head out with your friends, we invite you to use the following links and our staff as resources for pursuing your dream of climbing your big, cold mountain.






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