Stephen Burns

The mountains and the desert have always been my home. I grew up in Colorado where I discovered what it truly meant to be in the outdoors. After spending many years riding and racing road and mountain bikes, I began to expand my passion into the steeper grades where I began to pursue climbing and the freedom of the hills. Ten years later I find myself still in Colorado, now with a passion and a drive to share the peace, power, and perfection that the mountains embody and what it is they can offer those willing to seek them out. 

I’ve worked with Bill and Todd now on a couple of capacities, first as a mountain bike guide and then as a local Telluride climbing guide.  My passions are rooted in the mountains in many ways, be it on bike, on foot, on skis, on rope, or on a highline. Each day these passions reveal themselves more and more and I continue to look forward to sharing with others what I have found myself. 

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