Slator Aplin

My name is Slator Aplin and I’m harmlessly addicted to moving in the mountains. I grew up in Telluride, Colorado, and I’ve now returned to live again in the San Juans!
I started skiing shortly after I learned how to stand. I started climbing when I found an old pair of climbing shoes on the street after school. Since then I have decided to form my life around pulling on rocks and sliding on snow. Skiing and climbing introduced me to the people I most care about, they brought me to the places I hold most sacred and they evoked the most intense emotion felt from deep within my stone-cold personality. I like that about skiing and climbing.
My winters are spent in the San Juans of Colorado. Spring, however, will prompt a meandering travel schedule from Colorado to Denali National Park in Alaska – then down to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru – further South to the Patagonian Region of Argentina – and back up to the western United States just in time for winter!
I hope to build a long and intimate relationship with the mountains through a career of mountain guiding. Keep smiling and remember: you can miss the summit, just don’t miss the point!
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