Slator Aplin

I was fortunate enough to grow up here in the San Juans. With my mom from Hawaii and my dad from New Zealand, it’s a miracle that we ended up in Telluride. I was introduced to playing in the mountains at an early age, and I now consider it a lifelong practice of fun-having. I love moving in the mountains–rock climbing, backcountry skiing, trail running, or alpine climbing. The skills that I have learned here in Colorado have allowed me to travel and explore other great mountains in places like Alaska, Peru, Argentina, and the Western Alps.

I work for Mountain Trip full-time, and value introducing others to the activities I love, sharing the experience of moving in the mountains, and building connection in/with wild spaces. When I’m not in the mountains, I’m either eating/baking baked goods, drinking coffee/beers with friends, or spending quality porch time with my family.

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