Nick Nason

Growing up in Southeastern North Carolina I’m not cut from your typical mountain-climber cloth, but then again there’s nothing typical about people who like to wake up early to freeze in places with very little oxygen. But we see something worthy in doing these things. My appreciation for the outdoors and magical places began in the ocean, learning to study the weather carefully and how to take care of myself in harsh environments.  I always loved sharing experiences in the outdoors with others, opening people’s minds to what they are capable of and sharing an experience with them that they would otherwise not have enjoyed. After graduating from College with a degree in Environmental Studies I moved out West. From there, the seasons became more and more interesting as I developed my personal mountain craft, all the while sharing the adventure with others. I have worked as an outdoor educator with school groups in California, guiding day-trips in Utah, guiding from a remote helicopter-supported lodge in the Tordrillo Mountains of Alaska and finally guiding mountaineering in Washington’s Cascade range and Denali. These days I spend the winters skiing as much as possible. I work in Utah as an Office manager, AT & snowcat skiing guide and avalanche educator at one guide service, and as a helicopter skiing guide and dispatcher at another. I do some part-time snow safety work when I find the time. I guide skiing in the PNW in the spring before heading to Denali and then the rest of the summer is spent guiding in Washington’s Cascades.  I am a certified Wilderness First Responder with CPR-PR, AMGA single-pitch instructor, American Avalanche Institute (AAI) Pro 2, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education (AIARE) Instructor, American Avalanche Association Professional member, AMGA apprentice alpine & ski guide and Wasatch Backcountry Rescue nighttime call-list member.  

When I’m not guiding I enjoy sleeping in, not freezing and breathing lots of O’s. I really enjoy surfing when I get the chance and the obligatory long walks on the beach with assorted frozen beverages adorned with fruits and mini-umbrellas. Drawing and painting are things I like to do in my down-time, and also fly-fishing.  My favorite season is spring because we get the chance to ski terrain we might not in the winter time and we get to combine climbing with skiing. I’m into that sort of thing.  

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