General Agreement Concerning Services to be Provided and Responsibilities of Team Members

When registering for an outing with Mountain Trip we want to help make sure you understand the services we are providing and the services you are responsible for.

Transportation is incidental

The main purpose of becoming a team member is to join us on a climb in the mountains. As such any transportation we provide or that you may contract for on your own is incidental to the trip. We suggest that you make sure you have time built into your itinerary for delays.

Transportation to and from your destination

We will designate a specific Team Meeting Day for your climb. Transportation to the meeting point on your Team Meeting Day is to be provided by you, unless otherwise arranged with Mountain Trip. You must arrive in time to be ready to participate in a team meeting at the appointed time on the Team Meeting Day for your climb. This could mean you will need to arrive the day before, as it is often prudent to get an early start in the morning.  Climbing and trekking can be very dynamic and we will provide you with a recommendation as to when you should book your flights to and from your destination or how you might best arrange your travel to SW Colorado. If flying, we suggest you book a ticket that allows you to change your flight with little effort or cost.

Lodging off the mountain

Mountain Trip will provide lodging per the Inclusions and Exclusions section above. Any additional lodging is your responsibility.

Responsibilities of Team Members

You are ultimately responsible for your own well-being, including making all necessary preparations to ensure good health and physical conditioning. You are responsible for understanding the conditions that may exist on the excursion and choosing an excursion that is appropriate for your abilities and interests. You are responsible for having knowledge of all pre-departure information and for assembling the appropriate clothing and equipment for your excursion.

While on the trip, team members are responsible to maintain basic levels of hygiene and to conduct themselves respectfully with other team members and members of the local population. If a guide feels that a team member is putting other members’ health or safety at risk, the guide has the discretion to remove a team member from an excursion.

Use our office staff and your lead guide as pre-trip resources to ensure that all your questions are answered. Travel insurance may help recoup expenses if you need to leave a climb due to an illness.

Refunds and Cancellations

Mountain Trip recognizes how difficult and disappointing it can be for guests who must cancel climbs which they have planned for a long time. Guests must also recognize that, due to the nature of planning trips and contracting guides for specific dates, Mountain Trip also accrues significant expenses in organizing our excursions. We must therefore adhere to a strict refund policy for all guests.

Trip cancellation and travel insurance is generally available for all excursions. Please contact us for more information regarding travel insurance. Our refund and cancellation policy is outlined below.

  • Mountain Trip requires payment in full for all of our Colorado excursions.  Submission of payment constitutes your agreement to our Refund and Cancellation Policy.
  • Cancellations made inside 48 hours from trip time are non-refundable.
  • All requests for refunds must be received in our Colorado office.
  • Mountain Trip reserves the right to cancel an excursion prior to the departure date for any reason. In such an event, all monies collected by Mountain Trip from team members for that climb shall be promptly refunded. This is the extent of our financial liability.
  • Mountain Trip generally will not cancel a trip due to weather. Mountain Trip has sole discretion over canceling a trip. Trips cancelled the day of a scheduled event due to weather and/or route conditions will be refunded in full. Partial refunds will not be given if an activity is cut short for any reason.

Inclusions and Exclusions

Included in the Trip Fee:

  • Unlimited pre-trip access to our office resources
  • Guidance of our experienced Mountain Trip guides
  • Snacks are provided for all full-day trekking and rock climbing trips
  • Breakfast and dinners are provided for all overnight trekking trips and peak ascents, while we are in the field
  • All necessary protective equipment for the trip (harness, climbing helmet, via ferrata rig, ice axe, crampons, etc)
  • Assistance arranging for post-trip activities in the area

Not Included in the Trip Fee:

  • Travel to and from SW Colorado
  • Personal clothing and equipment per our equipment list (please, just ask us if you need anything!)
  • Meals beyond those mentioned above
  • Accommodation in Colorado
  • Travel and/or rescue insurance (The COSAR card is an inexpensive way to reimburse local rescue groups for costs incurred during a rescue in Colorado – for more information, click HERE)
  • Costs incurred due to evacuation or unplanned departure from the climbing area due to illness or other problems
  • Costs incurred as a result of delays beyond the control of Mountain Trip
  • Customary gratuities for guides
  • Costs as a result of force majeure
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