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Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Seminar

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Mountain Trip, the Telluride Mountain Club and the Pi Fund are presenting an Advanced Backcountry Companion Rescue Seminar for experienced backcountry skiers/boarders. 

Goal: To provide advanced avalanche companion rescue training to the local Telluride backcountry community.   To raise the level of competence of our community of backcountry skiers/boarders in the event they are involved in avalanche rescue. 

Participants:  Participants should be experienced backcountry skiers/boarders in the Telluride community with a Level 1 avalanche certification or equivalent experience.   Participants should provide all of their own equipment including beacon, shove, probe and backcountry travel gear.

We will review single beacon search and introduce advanced beacon search techniques for multiple burials and alternative search strategies for complex search situations. 

We will practice probing and “strategic shoveling” to make you a more efficient rescuer. 

Finally we will discuss patient care including treatment and evacuation plans.

The day will culminate in a rescue scenario where we will have the opportunity to put all of these skills to use. 

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