Will McKay

Growing up in Iowa, becoming a mountain guide was pretty much as unlikely as a Telluride, CO local moving to Iowa to become a farmer. However, after learning how to ski & climb at the small midwestern hills, I moved to Colorado for university and dove head first into the mountains. Now, I reside in Salt Lake City, Utah with my partner and two cats, making use of the world class skiing and climbing that is right outside my door. I find inspiration by covering lots of distance in the mountains whether that be through trail running, backcountry skiing, or long alpine rock climbing. I’ve had the pleasure of climbing and skiing all throughout the Western US as well as in Canada, Central America and the Western Alps. I work for Mountain Trip part time and will be working my first Denali trip this spring (ie: psyched!). In Utah, I rock and ski guide throughout the year while also working as an action sports photographer for top outdoor brands. At the moment, I’m pursuing my IFMGA license. I hold a AAA Pro 2 avalanche certificate, Wilderness First Responder certificate, and have completed my AMGA rock guide, ski guide, and alpine skills course. I also really enjoy awful action movies, gardening, and playing (poorly) the ukulele!

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