Custom & Private Trips

A Diversity of Experiences, Tailored Just For You

There are countless reasons to go on a private, custom expedition. We’ve taken groups of friends and families on custom climbs, as well as climbers with specific time constraints and climbers who want to climb a specific route or peak. By limiting the group size, you gain a lot more flexibility as far as scheduling a trip and we can tailor your expedition to meet your expectations.

The demand for more personalized expeditions has increased in recent years and the growing number of climbers who come back year after year for private trips tells us that we must be doing a pretty good job of taking care of them. Private climbs and expeditions can provide you with the support, flexibility, and choice to have just the level of luxury, or suffering, that you are looking for in an expedition.

Mountain Trip organizes many custom trips each year to the Alaska Range, as well as to international destinations. We can organize any length trip, from a one-day climb to a multi-week expedition.

Climbers from countries other than the US often request we organize an expedition in conjunction with a guide from their home country, which helps diminish language and cultural barriers.  In recent years, we have worked with guides from Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Russia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, England, France, Japan, China, the U.A.E., Malaysia and Indonesia to provide expeditions tailored to climbers from those countries and more.

Consider Mountain Trip your personal, skilled, and highly experienced climbing partner!  Climbing with us is a partnership in which we work closely with our climbers to craft the experience that best suits your vision for an expedition.  You’ll feel like a partner in that experience.

Where will your dreams take us?

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