Grant Perdue

I love the mountains. Places to explore, to live a simple—yet endlessly complex and saturated—form of existence. Growing up in Nashville, TN, my relationship with mountain moving (perhaps, hill romping) sparked on the cliffs of the Southeast where I cut my teeth rock climbing. Moving to Boulder, CO, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Geography while my passion for climbing evolved to encompass all seasons and modes of travel. These days, rock, ice and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, and trail running ignite my psyche around my home of Telluride, CO.

The terrain and access around Telluride not only allow me to sharpen my skills for personal objectives far and wide, but also provide the perfect venue to share my love for the mountains with others. I believe these spaces to be powerful points of connection with our natural world and each other; vesting people with the skills and experience required to travel through them is something I feel incredibly lucky to call my profession.

I am certified as an AMGA Aspirant Rock Guide, Apprentice Ski and Alpine Guide, Pro 1 Avalanche Worker, and Wilderness First Responder. When I’m not climbing or guiding in the mountains, I enjoy playing music, tinkering with gear, and daydreaming about adventures to come.

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