Kaylee Walden

Serendipitously, I joined the Mountain Trip family in 2016 after wandering into the office to buy a used winter tent. As the cliché goes—the rest is history!—and I’ve been with the crew for about seven years now. I’m humbled to be part of such a tight-knit team that inspires one another to go further, be kind, make big goals, and provide great experiences to guests around the world.

Born and raised in Montana, I’ve been fascinated by wild places for as long as I can remember. My best memories of childhood involve chasing my parents up hiking trails and down ski slopes as soon as I could walk. Since then, my passion (read: obsession) has only deepened. I’ve followed that spark around the world, from the Rockies and Cascades, to the Pyrenees, the Alps, Nepal Himalaya, Southern Alps of New Zealand, High Atlas of Morocco, Japanese Alps, the Coast and Alaska Ranges and more. Though I enjoy all alpine ventures, the pinnacle of happiness for me involves backcountry skiing a pristine line after a long ascent, ideally off of a summit somewhere. Summer finds me scheming trail link-ups, riding bikes and climbing around up high. The more remote, the better :). I’m also a winter ambassador for Dynafit and spend time freelance writing for different outlets.

I guide via ferrata, trail running, trekking, backcountry skiing, and teach avalanche courses for Mountain Trip in the San Juans. I have been on six glacier expeditions and counting in Alaska for Mountain Trip, including ski mountaineering trips and guiding Denali’s West Buttress, and love making the yearly pilgrimage to the great white North.

I have taken my Pro 2 and Avalanche Instructor Course through Silverton Avalanche School, and am currently an AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide (ASC) and Advanced/Aspirant Ski Guide. I’m looking forward to continuing my education in all disciplines. There’s always more to learn out there. For me, that’s a major part of what makes mountain pursuits all the more fulfilling.

In whatever capacity, I love sharing the joy of moving in the mountains with others. I hope to see you out in the hills!

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