Kakiko Ramos-Leon

I’m a dreamer. Growing up in rural Mexico, I didn’t have any real winter experience until later in life. While in college in Guadalajara, I started rock climbing and mountaineering and in 2005 I visited the Alaska Range with 3 friends to climb Denali.

The powerful energy of the Alaskan Mountains increased my desire to move to Alaska, which I did in 2010. I volunteer for a local Search and Rescue team and since 2015 I have been a part of the volunteer ranger patrol on Denali. In 2017, I starting guiding with Mountain Trip, sharing my experience in the Alaska Range and my passion for this beautiful place with co-workers and fellow climbers. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and a major in Manufacturing, but the mountains keep drawing me in. I love that I get to work multiple “jobs” in this spectacular place. Come climb with us, we are professionals who like to have fun. Español es mi lengua materna.

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