Drew LudwigDrew Ludwig

My name is Drew Ludwig, and I feel pretty darn lucky to have stumbled into Todd Rutledge’s “office” 15 years ago. Todd and Bill own this little enterprise of Mountain Trip, but back then they were guides, just like the rest of us. Todd was looking for some grunt labor on the high one and apparently I fit the bill. I was young, had a nasty mountain running habit, had guided for a couple of local outfits, and I knew a thing or two about glaciers. They took a chance on me and then kept asking me back year after year, even after I gave it all up to pursue a graduate degree. Well they can’t get rid of me because I love this thing. I love the family of Mountain Trip. I love how I feel and who I am in the mountains. I love sharing it all as a Mountain Guide.

So yes, I am a guide among many other things and proud to work for Mountain Trip. In fact I will only work for one other company, but they are also a family at this point and share many of the same guides. It is a little heli-skiing operation named Helitrax out of Telluride. Guiding folks down powdery mountain couloirs is fun and all, but I still prefer the up. I am a bit of a masochist that way, and I still have that nasty mountain running habit.

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