Laura DuncanLaura Duncan

(The following was written by 8-year old Brooke Duncan)

“Laura Duncan is one of the most funny people I know.  She is an amazingly hard worker, but at the same time she is a goofball.  Cracking jokes is hilarious when it comes to my mom!

Oh yeah – and climbing is her middle name.  She has climbed Denali and Aconcagua working for Mountain Trip, most of all she loves spending time with her number 1 priority – her family!

She spends about 50% of her time with her family and 50% of her time at Mountain Trip.  All in all, my mother is one of the most funny goofballs and the most hard workers I know.”

(Laura is the Office Manager at Mountain Trip and one of the voices you will hear when you give us a ring.)


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