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Mountain Trip is the premier source for providing climbers with experienced climbing guides and the highest quality customer service in the industry. Our company goals are:

1. Everyone comes home safely.

2. Everyone has a great experience.

3. Everyone stands on the summit.

We will not place the third goal ahead of the first two; however, by hiring, training, supporting and retaining the very best guides for the terrain in which they are guiding, we do a great job of helping climbers stand on top of their mountains.

We are experienced climbing guides helping other climbers pursue goals that might otherwise not be possible. Our climbers and guides are our most important resources, and we work tirelessly to support everyone who climbs with us. All of our decisions are based on one simple value:

“What will yield the best possible outcome for our climbers?”

We invite you to reach out and contact us at (970) 369-1153 or [email protected] to experience the Mountain Trip difference.  Please use the menu above to navigate through the wonderful world of Mountain Trip!

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