Thank you for joining Mountain Trip on our 2018 Mount Everest Expedition!

We appreciate the trust that you’ve put in us to help you on this big adventure.  With the expedition just a few months away, we want to be sure you are feeling well prepared.

Expeditions begin long before you shoulder your pack at the trailhead.  It takes months to prepare physically for a challenge like an ascent of Mount Everest.  The piles of equipment and clothing take an equal amount of time to acquire.  Hopefully, your training is going well and you have the majority of your equipment assembled.  If you follow our equipment list, you will arrive in the Khumbu properly outfitted for the endeavor.  In this first of several emails, we want to help you make some decisions about what to bring and how to prepare for this trip.  As always, if you have any questions about the trip, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


2018 Mountain Trip Everest Team 

We’re proud to have Jacob Schmitz leading our expedition this year.  This will be Jacobs third time guiding Mount Everest for Mountain Trip, and this will be his sixth 8000 meter expedition.

We are excited to announce that Mountain Trip is joining forces with Mountain Madness this year on Mount Everest to bring a strong team to the mountain.  Oswoldo Friere has been working for Mountain Madness for years and will be guiding along side Jacob.  Together, they’ll make a really strong team with great leadership and experience on big mountains.

The other members of this team are the Sherpa who will be climbing with you, preparing camps, and basically making it possible for us to climb the highest mountain on the planet.   We’ve got a great crew of Sherpa who we’ve been working with for many years now and you will enjoy getting to know these guys.

The lead Climbing Sherpa will be DaOngchhu Sherpa, he’s been to top of Everest seven times and has been a part of the last four Mountain Trip teams to Everest.  DaOngchhu also joined us in Alaska on Denali expeditions in 2014,15, and 2016!

Our base camp manager and head chef will be Serki Sherpa.  Serki has also been with us running the show at base camp on each Mountain Trip Everest expedition since 2010.  Serki is a great cook and keeps our base camp program running smoothly and organizes the loads for moving up the mountain.    (We’ll introduce you to the rest of the Sherpa climbers and kitchen staff as we get closer to the expedition)

Everyone on this team is dedicated to providing you a great expedition.

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