Trip Reports
We got a call from Tony yesterday, May 2nd.  It posted, but not in the correct category. So for all you following the trip, you may not have heard this.  It's pretty funny. [audio:|titles=Audio Post]
The whole team is up here in Camp 2 now on May 2nd. Scott, Gregg, Irek, and Newall joined us up here today. It’s a bit of a grind getting all the way from Base Camp up to Camp 2, but I think we all agree it’s worth skipping by
Hello followers!  Richard Quintilliani calls in the day's post.  There are highlights of whiteout conditions,  Enteman's pastries, and a growing conflict with some Frenchmen. Click to hear:  [audio:|titles=Audio Post] stop.  Zach called in to let us know they are all doing well, waiting for winds up high to abate before going to high camp.  They took a little 10 minute walk, roped up, to peer over "the edge of the world", which is a view straight down the
Jacob called in yesterday evening from camp 4, looking for the weather forecast.  Usually 14,200' (4,328m) is camp 3 and camp 4 is high camp, but the team was forced to make an extra camp due to a storm that blew in while moving from camp 1 to 2; there
Denali, "The Great One" as it was called by the Athabascans, is a mix of myth and reality.  Located close to the Arctic circle and rising higher above the surrounding area than any other mountain on earth, the stories of huge backpacks, tremendous winds and epic storms are part of
We're finally getting some nice weather and have enjoyed sunshine all morning! Our team is in camp and getting ready for our next rotation up high. We are all rested, recovered and ready to go. Irek, Gregg and Newall summitted “Kala Patar 2” near Base Camp, a worthy peak near
Bill Allen Mountain Trip
Lawrence Cutler took command of the satellite phone yesterday and called in from 11,200' yesterday.  It sounds like the weather was pretty marginal, so they decided not to push it.  One of the challenges of making a decision as to whether to stay or go from this particular camp is
Though I suspect Henry rigged the game, here is Jerry reporting in from camp at 11,200'.  It sounds like the weather was a real challenge today, which is interesting, because the report from our team just 3,000' above was that it was calm, though a bit foggy. Today the team
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