Off to the Summit Tonight!

After a day of rest at the South Col, our small team is leaving in one short hour for the to!

It’s not the best forecast, with winds of 20-25, but there are reports of only 30-40 people going tonight which allows a lot faster moving up and back. Manoj and the Sherpas are ready, rested, hydrated, and oxygenated. Having a rest day at the col, our third year in a row, really allows for a much more manageable summit day, if the weather cooperates.

The forecast has slowly been shifting, showing higher winds on the 22d and the 23rd than originally forecast. Its also showing what our weather forcasting service calls, “massive cloud development” with moderate to heavy precipitation for the 25th. Reports from the South Col at 6.30pm tonight say there is only a light wind. We will be following the team closely here all night, although there is a large radio black-out zone going up below the Balcony, so no news is good news till they arrive near the South Summit at sunrise. I will post updates as we receive them.

-Scott Woolums



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