Trip Reports
Our crew has made it into Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m). Tackling first Motorcycle Hill, followed by Squirrel Hill and Windy Corner, they found themselves in Genet Basin where Camp 3 lies. The backdrop of the basin is dramatic and inspiring. Behind camp, the Headwall rises up to meet the ridge at
Our rockstar ski team made it back to High Camp after a 10 hour day yesterday. Jon says he skied the best powder ever! Wow! That is the benefit of a mid June ski trip, usually later in the season is when you find better ski conditions on Denali. Sounds
Our crew here enjoyed a well deserved rest day at 14,200' (4328m). They took a little trip to the Edge of the World. A gorgeous and dramatic viewpoint, where Genet Basin drops an astonishing 6,000' (1828m) (although Jason said 3,000' on his call, we believe it is at least 6,000')
Yesterday Team Brazil descended from Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m) to their Windy Corner cache located just before Windy Corner, in a flatter section of the glacier at 13,200' (3413m). After digging up the supplies they buried there a few days ago, they packed everything up and returned to Camp
Aaron Diamond with the June 15 ski team called in from 20,310' (6190m)!! This has been a monumental year for guiding on Denali, as it is the first time the Park Service has allowed us to ski guide unroped during descent! After trying to get this approved with the Park
Yesterday our crew took the opportunity to rest at High Camp, 17,200' (5242m). The weather was a bit on the windy side, and the team is hoping winds will die down overnight allowing them to attempt the summit today. Can't wait to hear their update later tonight! Not much else
Yesterday this crew climbed up from Camp 2 at 11,200' (3413m). They tackled first the mile long Motorcycle Hill. Once they topped out here, they next climbed up Squirrel Hill. From Squirrel Hill, the team has an impressive view of the Peters Glacier several thousand feet below. Above Squirrel Hill,
Yesterday this crew made their way up Motorcycle Hill, topped out on Squirrel Hill, crossed the Polo Field, navigated through Windy Corner, and made their way into Genet Basin at 14,200' (4328m) where Camp 3 resides. The surrounding scenery of the basin is awe-inspiring. Behind camp, the Headwall rises up to
After moving to Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m) the day before yesterday, the team returned to their cache at 13,200' (4023m) to retrieve their cache. They are now fully supplied at Camp 3. The enjoyed an active rest day, with plenty of snacking and warm drinks. Often teams will take
Our rugged ski team made the move from Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m) to High Camp at 17,200' (5242m). It was a sunny, but windy day as they climbed up the Bunny Hill about 1,000' to the Fixed Lines that drape down the Headwall. Here, each climber tied an ascender
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