Trip Reports
Although it's hard to tell from Milo's dispatch, after a rest day on Thursday the team likely moved up to Camp 1 yesterday. Camp 1 sits at 16,300′ (4,970 m). Group gear, food and fuel will already be stocked at Camp 1, so the team enjoyed light packs as they
Curtis called in yesterday to give us the report. He, Stephanie, and Jesse slept in Base Camp last night after hiking up to Camp 1. Abiding by the adage, "Climb high, sleep low," they climbed about 2,500' up to 16,300′ (4,970 m), where Camp 1 sits. This program will help
The December 20 Aconcagua Team enjoyed a scenic helicopter ride from the Horcones Valley. They had a beautiful vantage point of Aconcagua and its myriad of drainages coming off of the mountain and the many valleys surrounding it. They flew directly to Plaza Argentina Base Camp which sits at 13,800’ (4,200
Well, based off this dispatch, it sounds like the team is having a great time together! They passed the sat phone around in a circle and took turns naming some memorable things so far about their trip and we heard a lot of laughter in the background! There must be
Fermin called in the dispatch update for the December 18 Aconcagua Team last night! He reports that they are doing very well and enjoyed a lovely dinner of ravioli with a delicious meat sauce. The team was able to get a nice view of Aconcagua on their way to the
Truly the “Roof of the Americas,” Cerro Aconcagua, at 22,841 ft. (6,962 meters) is not only the highest mountain in South America, but also the highest peak outside of Asia. Located just east of the border between Chile and Argentina, the glaciated mountain rises above a very arid environment. Approaching
Milo called in with the dispatch last night! The group hiked about eight miles (roughly 5 hours) up the deep Vacas Valley to their first camp at Pampas de Leñas located at about 9,000′ (2,750 m). The hike took them through high desert terrain, with scrub plants, bristly grasses and the
After meeting in Mendoza, Argentina, our first Aconcagua team is on their way up the trail to base camp! This family of three will be accompanied by our longtime Aconcagua guide, Fermin Avilà. Fermin has summited Aconcagua more than 30 times, and has been leading trips for Mountain Trip for
Jason writes in to give us a final update on the Kilimanjaro Trek: What a journey it has been. All the preparation and training required to show up ready to climb one of the tallest peaks in the world with a group of unfamiliar people in an unfamiliar place is like
The team stood on top of Kilimanjaro today! The left the Arrow Glacier camp in the middle of the night, climbing up through the Western Breach to reach the summit crater at sunrise. They continued across the flat crater floor, and then climbed the last bit up the remnant crater
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