Trip Reports
Fermin reached out by inReach just a little bit ago to let us know the team has summited Aconcagua! Just ahead of some weather moving in. A pre-dawn start is necessary for this, the longest day of the trip. They worked their way up toward the summit, past the wreckage
Henry called in to give us an update last night. The team was able to carry some things up to High Camp for an acclimatization day. They reported the hike was amazing, great views. After climbing steeply from Camp 2, the team ascended gradually up to a shallow basin filled
While we might have said the team moved up to Camp 2 previously, they just completed their move yesterday. Today they will be resting and will likely spend a few days at camp acclimatizing before moving up again. Milo reports the team is adjusting well to some of the more
Jesse calls in to report the team is safely back in Mendoza! The team met with some tough conditions on the mountain including cold weather, and struggling to get a good nights sleep. We're proud of the team and the effort they put in to make it work. We're also
Milo calls in from Brazil! Wow, these guys sure can travel fast. Sounds like they've drug a teleporting machine up to Camp 2. Well, it's good to hear the jokes are still flying and the team sounds like they're in good spirits. I believe the team moved up to Camp
Fermin calls in with the daily dispatch last night. The team is doing well and enjoyed a delicious dinner of Argentinian Tacos. After their rest day yesterday, the team continues to work on acclimatizing to the altitude. Today they left Camp 1 to ascend through a large scree field towards
Curtis called in last night to report about the team's day yesterday. The team continues to acclimatize using the "climb high, sleep low" technique. After waking up yesterday to a beautiful scene of clouds below them and blue sky above, they left Camp 1 and climbed up through a broad
Merry Christmas from Jesse, Stephanie, and Curtis! The team has moved up to Camp 1 at 16,300′ (4,970 m). Group gear and food is already stocked at Camp 1 so the team enjoyed light packs as they hiked up to Camp 1. The trail ascends along the side of a
Merry Christmas! This team has a sense of humor! Milo calls in to let us know they've pivoted to Copacabana, Brazil and they'll be enjoying warm sandy beaches for a while. The team enjoyed a rest day at Camp 1 yesterday, and I'm sure imagining the warm beaches of Brazil
Stephanie called in last night from Base Camp. The team spent one more day in Base Camp, resting, as they continue to give themselves the best chance to acclimatize to the new altitude of 13,800' (4,200m). As they relaxed, Stephanie reports they enjoyed a hot breakfast, Dolce De Leche cake,
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