Trip Reports
The May 18 team employed another active rest day today. They descended about 20 minutes or so from camp down to their cache at Windy Corner, dug it up, and walked about an hour back up to camp and are now fully supplied at 14,200' (4328m). Today the team will
Patrick updates us from High Camp today. The team has been there for a few days now, waiting for that perfect weather window! Thus far, high winds have prevented them from a summit attempt. But it looks like Saturday will bring more favorable conditions. Sitting at High Camp is not
Craig updates us from 17,200' (5242m) last night. The team had a rest day yesterday after moving to High Camp the day before, which is a pretty big push! The team spent the day drinking lots of warm fluids, testing out some dehydrated meals, and praying for good weather. There
Lead guide Jason Denley reports the team has successfully moved to Camp 3 at 14,200' (4328m). The team is moving strong and doing a great job as they climb North America's highest peak. Getting to Camp 3 is always pretty exciting. As you leave Camp 2, the terrain starts to
The May 11 team packed up from Camp 3 yesterday. They ascended 1,000' to the bergschrund below the fixed lines. A berschrund is where the glacier meets steep ice and sloughs dramatically away from it creating a gaping crevasse. Here, the team attached their ascender to their harness and to
Guide Maddy Crowell calls in to update us from High Camp at 17,200' (5242m). As I explained in the report yesterday, you can be ready to go for the summit but there are a lot of variables to be considered. Yesterday the team was waiting out some cold temps (a
We really enjoyed listening to today's update! Kudos to the performer. The May 14 team enjoyed a rest day at Camp 3. No significant updates from these folks. They are resting up and getting ready for the move to High Camp, which they should be doing today. The upper mountain
Kathryn called in last night to let us know that the May 22 Denali team has safely arrived at Camp 1 at 7,200' (2194m). The team is on a "night schedule", moving in the early morning hours while it is still cold and the glacier is frozen. However, moving at
We are excited to introduce our May 24 West Buttress team who will be attempting the route on SKIS! Yeehaw! We are honored to be chosen to join these folks on what may be a lifelong dream to touch the frozen reaches of Denali's glaciated terrain, preceded by many months of
Guide Chloe Slack called in for the May 11 team last night. The team took a well deserved rest day at Camp 3. Chloe reports the team is good, feeling strong, and has had good weather. Rest days at Camp 3 are used to practice technical skills, such as how
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