Trip Reports
Hello to all of those who have been following us up the mountain! The June 22nd team, also known as “Team Big Knots", is back from our expedition on Denali. We had a fun last dinner in Anchorage the other night where we all got to laugh and share some
Dear Friends and Family, Several climbers have had to overcome the unknown, suspense and challenges posed by a COVID-19 outbreak at Everest, and/or traveling to the United States in order to get a chance to climb on Denali this year. We had a very diverse team with interesting backgrounds, stories
"Hey Folks! It has been a week since we flew off of the mountain and I wanted to double-back with an update. As our trip wrapped up in speedy and tiresome fashion we enjoyed trekking out to basecamp overnight in order to rip a flight back to TKA before incoming
Jesse called in a late night dispatch from Talkeetna! The team is back in town and looking forward to a soft bed and cold beer tonight.   recording
The June 17th team is back in Talkeetna after finally flying out of basecamp yesterday (June 8) evening.  They spent a night in the little village of Talkeetna as the decompress and prepare to re-enter society. Here's Dodge calling in from the breakfast table at the famous Road House in
Rob called in this evening catching us up with the June 22nd Denali team after a busy day.  The team descended to base camp last night, through the night after the bad weather and bad upcoming weather forecasts continued. Even as they arrived in base camp, the weather didn't cooperate
And we're back home! How do you define success without reaching the summit? By doing your homework, showing up ready & motivated, being a great team player who 100% believes in the strategy chosen, and still understands that, in the last minute, the mountain has the last word. On our
Chris Cullaz called in from Base Camp, after the team had a fairly arduous descent down the West Buttress route. They have been battling difficult weather and travel conditions since they dropped around Windy Corner at 13,400 feet. They made it to Base Camp in the wee hours of the
The June 17 Team has taken a day to wait out the weather on their way back to basecamp. A good call as navigating the lower glacier in a whiteout can be quite the experience. Once the weather clears, the team will continue towards basecamp and a flight back to
The June 22 Team spent another day at 14k camp. The team didn't let it go to waste though, and took full advantage by participating in various exercise goals around camp. These include shoveling, digging holes, push ups, perhaps some sprints (very difficult at 14k!). Hopefully, the team gets a
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