Mountain Trip Guides on Makalu

A couple of our guides, Jacob Schmitz and Josh Garner, are off on a personal adventure to climb the 5th highest peak in the world, Makalu (8481 meters/27,825 ft).   They have arrived in base camp, and had their Puja and they are ready to climb!  They are with a couple of climber/guides from Argentina and plan to climb without the support of Sherpa, or Oxygen.   This is going to be a great adventure and we are wishing them the best.  We were able to help out a bit by loaning some Mountain Trip tents and equipment for their climb, and Josh sent us this picture from Kathmandu of him modeling a down suit he is borrowing from our Himalayan gear.

We hope to get updates from the guys periodically and will pass on updates when we can.

Here’s Josh trying on the Mountain Trip, North Face Down Suit in Kathmandu.

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