AMGA Accredited Program!

This summer, we underwent the long, detailed process of becoming an Accredited Program of the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA).  Accreditation is granted to guide services that meet or exceed the high operational standards required by the American Mountain Guides Association during an extensive safety and business review of their operations.

After submitting the lengthy application to the AMGA Accreditation Director and his following up with our guide staff, we received our initial report, which often requires guide services to make any number of required changes before their application is passed along to the AMGA Accreditation Committee.  The Accreditation Director had no required changes for Mountain Trip to make before recommending that we be granted Accreditation!

He concluded that, “It is clear that Mountain Trip is a very well run and organized guide service. The attention to detail in the documents that were submitted is outstanding. The guides’ most common feedback was that of all the different programs they have or continue to work for, Mountain Trip is at the top of their list as the best place to work.”

We will continue to work hard to provide the highest quality support and training for our guides and the best possible experiences for our climbers.  We appreciate all of the support we have received from our climbers and guides and look forward to the next 40 years of sharing the high, wild mountains with all of you!

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