Classic Denali 2009 Slideshow

A slideshow we put together after Mountain Trip’s 2009 Denali expedition season.  The mountain certainly hasn’t changed, and a lot of the characters are still around climbing and guiding on Denali today.  We are excited to be getting ready for Mountain Trips 42nd year of guiding climbers on the gem of North American mountaineering.  We are spending the autumn putting together some guide tips and instruction for getting into mountaineering.  Stay tuned for articles from some of our guides in the coming months, and in the meantime you can check out the article on training and preparing to join a Denali expedition.

The official altitude of the mountain was dropped 10 feet since 2009, so these folks had to climb the extra 10 feet to 20,320 ft, and if you climb it now, you only have to climb to 20,310 ft/6190 meters!  Denali is an iconic mountaineering objective, and should be on the “to do list” for any mountain enthusiast.  The West Buttress route, pioneered by Bradford and Barbara Washburn in 1951, is a classic mountaineers route requiring tenacity, fitness, and basic mountaineering skills.  For many North American mountaineers Denali will be their first real taste of expedition climbing, and high altitude.  It’s an arctic expedition and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but is certainly a reasonable objective for climbers who’ve climbed Mount Rainer, or other big peaks in the lower 48 and are interested in taking on the next big challenge.

Join Mountain Trip for a climb, or just give us a call to talk about climbing big cold mountains!

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