Wrapping it up!

Hello everyone! This is Joe Butler with the final post for the May 12 Denali expedition.  I want to congratulate all the members of our team!  Although everyone did not make the summit,  I strongly believe the expedition was a success as a whole.  The team worked great together and everyone returned home safe and in good spirits.  Bob and Art, we missed you guys in latter part of the expedition.  I hope your trip back to BC was smooth and your enthusiasm for the mountains is still strong.  To everyone, I enjoyed being a part of your team and hope we climb together in the future!  A special shout out to Markus on getting to the summit and congratulations on you MBA!  Thanks to everyone who followed our expedition blog.   Until next time, take care and keep climbing!

Denali, "The Great One," as seen from the lower Kahiltna Glacier

On the Kahiltna, with the Kahiltna Peaks in the background.

The team at Base Camp, in an impromptu kitchen before hitting the trail.

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