Windy Day up high

It was still blowing almost 30 mph in high camp this morning and the team never really got a chance to go for the summit with reasonable conditions. If it’s blowing 30 mph in camp, it’s likely quite a bit higher up at Denali Pass, and on to the summit. With the cold temps and the altitude, these winds make it difficult to stay warm on a long summit push. They were planning to head down today if they didn’t get a chance at the summit, so they are likely packing up and heading back down now. It was a long trip and they put in a lot of effort, but the mountain weather doesn’t always cooperate. They should all feel proud of the effort, hopefully they had a great experience and challenged themselves in many ways. They’ll take the next couple of days to get back down to base camp and hope to make it to Anchorage in time for their scheduled flights home.

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