May 22 Team – Weather Day at 11,200′

Anna Wheeler called in from the beautiful basin camp at 11,200′ this evening.  The weather in the morning had been really rough, but later in the day, it cleared and became downright hot and sunny!  The challenge for the team was that by the time things cleared and warmed, they had already made the decision not to try to push up higher on the mountain.

They spent the day in camp, where Anna reports that she was schooled at a number of games played in the group kitchen tent.  With her brothers along, I’m sure things got fairly competitive!

Hopefully, the rough, extremely cold weather that has been hammering the mountain has dissipated for a while.  The team will awaken tomorrow fairly early and try to carry loads of supplies higher on the route.  The goal will be to carry loads to about 13,500′, and deposit them in a deep cache in the snow.  Once again, the team will then drop back to 11,200′ for the night.

Here’s Anna!

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  1. Loli

    Dubba-boo! My first shout out!! Love from ‘anyone else who is listening …’

    • Kamrin

      So very proud of you !!
      – aunt Kami

  2. Mom

    Dubby, hearing your voice makes me so happy! Thank you all for thinking of me during your journey. I think of all four of you every minute of every day. Seriously. Come back to me!!!

  3. Kamrin

    Tell those brother of yours, happy birthday!!!

  4. Robin Norris

    She sounds better/happier than the prior calls. Must be the weather…Or girl power!!!!

  5. Pat Trimarco

    You go girl! You make us girls so proud. Give hugs to dad and the boys.

  6. Mom and Dad

    Anna, so good to hear your voice today. I listen to it over and over. Both Papa and I look forward each morning to the reports. Love from us, Gramma

  7. Lin

    Sunshine ??? How wonderful. Hope it raised your spirits. Better yet, hoping that the weather holds.

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