West Rib Team to the base of the route

The team pushed up the NE Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier yesterday and reached the base of the W. Rib.  The glacier travel to get there can be tricky, and there is a pretty interesting icefall to navigate, but the real technical climbing begins now.  The route starts with the “Chicken Couloir” a steep, typically icy bit of climbing that will put them up onto the W. Rib itself.

And for Smitty and TK’s neices, you can follow their progress, they are carrying a SPOT gps device and their is a link to their tracking page on the main “Trip Reports” page of the Mountain Trip site.   I’ll also include the link here:


They won’t always have this on, but it’s fun to follow along when they do.  It sometimes has a weak signal and isn’t super accurate, but when it get’s a good satellite connection it will show you right where they are.

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