West Rib Team Moves To 14,200′

Lead Guide Sebastian Grau checked in from Genet Basin, a giant bowl in which they have made their third camp as they continue to acclimatize.  The team moved up from 11,200′ today in much nicer conditions than the maelstrom in which they turned back from yesterday.  Patience paid off!

Everyone is doing well and in high spirits. Today was a tough day, as they climbed 3000′ with big loads, climbing a few steep slopes along the way.  Once they arrived at camp, they had to spend a good deal of time fortifying their tents in case they get more wind.  14 Camp, as it is often called, can be a burly place at times, and the weather for the coming days looks a bit unsettled, so they took the time to prepare their camp.

Here’s Seba!

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