Were all in Camp 2!

The whole team is here at 21,500 ft. now after a good day moving from C1 to
C2. Nice weather except its been very windy all day. The winds have picked
up since mid day here in Camp so its been a challenge tying everything down
well. We have skipped setting our dinning tent up as its probably gusting to
50 mph right now. Were tucked in well here so no problems. Just hoping for
lighter winds tonight and tomorrow. Everyone is feeling good, at least as
good as can be after moving to this altitude. Our Sherpa staff has been
working hard to get camp ready for the season. Everything here is solid ice
ad needs to be chopped with pick axes to make flat. Truly a lot of work.
This is the first time our satellite modem has had a signal for the last few
days so taking some time today to post reports.

Hope everyone back home has been enjoying staying connected.

Cheers, Scott Woolums reporting from Camp 2
on Everest!



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