Welcome to our 2017 Mount Everest Expedition!

Everest from Namche

Welcome to the Mountain Trip 2017 Everest Expedition Dispatches!

The Everest climbing season is underway and climbers from around the world have been descending on Kathmandu for the last couple of weeks with dreams of climbing to the top of the world!  The Mountain Trip team is in Kathmandu now finalizing permits and gathering a few last minute items before beginning the long trek to Everest base camp.   They are scheduled to fly to Lukla, where they will begin the trek, on the morning of the 3rd.  Mountain Madness is joining our team on Everest this year and together we have put together a really strong group of climbers, while maintaining the “small team” approach and all the support and experience of the Mountain Trip team.

The team:

  • Terry Keleher
  • Chris Jentz
  • Jay Martin
  • Chris Hill
  • Ivan Wademan
  • Jacob Schmitz (Lead Guide)
  • Oswaldo Friere (Guide)

Our Sherpa team is already in base camp getting things set for the season.  It’s a huge effort to build a comfortable camp on top of the jumbled pile of ice and rock on the Khumbu glacier, but the team is hard at work and by the time the climbers arrive everything will be set for the season.  This expedition could not happen without the support, professionalism, and experience of our team of Sherpa climbers.  We’ve been working with the same core crew of staff since 2010 and have a ton of respect for these guys and are proud of the team we have put together.  Our Sherpa team comes almost entirely from the small village of Kurima in the Solukhumbu region, most of whom

Climbing Sherpa team:

  • DaOngchhu Sherpa
  • Tarke Sherpa
  • Tawa Chhiri Sherpa
  • Pem Ngima Sherpa
  • Ngatemba Sherpa
  • Nyamgel Sherpa
  • Mingmar Sherpa
  • Kaji Sherpa
  • Tendi Sherpa
  • Karma Sherpa

There is also a large team of support and logistical staff that help manage the base camp and Camp 2 including cooking meals for the entire team and keeping the supplies coming up and camps stocked.  These guys take great care of the entire team and keep everyone fueled up and healthy for the long, nearly 2 month expedition.

Support and kitchen staff:

  • Sarki Sherpa  (Head Chef and Staff Manager)
  • Mindu Sherpa
  • Lhakpa Tenzi
  • Ang Dawa Sherpa
  • Sarke Sherpa
  • Dagelje Sherpa  (Camp 2 Lead Cook)
  • Mingmar Sherpa
  • Ngawang Goden
  • Dawa Geljen Sherpa (Sirdar and Base Camp Logistics Manager)


The team is excited to get underway on this trip of a lifetime to climb to the roof of the world!  It’s a long journey, and we’ll be posting updates along the way, so stay tuned for continuing expedition updates on their journey.


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  1. People’s dreams are on the way to Base Camp! Many thanks to Bill, Jacob & all the Mountain trip pros for helping my husband, Chris, follow his. To the climbing Sherpas and the generous, caring support team , you have my enduring gratitude & respect. Happy trekking to the Everest 2017 team!

    • Thanks Terri!
      Chris has prepared well for his climb and we’re incredibly grateful that he chose to trust us with helping him achieve this dream. Fingers crossed for some good weather windows and good health!
      Warm regards,
      Todd Rutledge

  2. Sandy McGarry, Chris’ mom
    I also feel everyone is in good hands, Mountain Trip has done such a
    fine job. Thank you, too, and the Sherpas and everyone involved in such a
    climb as this. Good Luck, and you are not alone, we are all with you here.
    Chris, good for you for living your dreams. I have to say that for the whole
    team, good for you. We’re right there with you. Sandy

  3. Hey Chris, this is mom just wanted to say hello! You are really
    on your way, we are all thinking of you and your team and your
    Sherpas and sending lots of positive energy your way! Love, Mom

  4. Good Luck from Dixboro, MI. To Chris Jentz, you have family, neighbors and friends following you and your team members, hoping you reach your goals. We’re with you in spirit, all the way to the summit. Be safe and good luck.

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