Welcome to our 2013 Everest Expedition!

Welcome to the 2013 Mountain Trip Everest Expedition!

Everyone on our team is on their way over to Nepal and from a logistics standpoint, we are ready to start the expedition!  The days before flying into the air strip at Lukla to begin our trek to Base Camp are always a busy time for our guides and outfitters.  All of our climbers will be here on April 2nd and then we’ll fly on the 4th into the Khumbu.

We have already received some reports from Base Camp, as our Sherpas are there and hard at work!  They have a tough job of getting our Base Camp infrastructure setup over the next couple weeks.  We have been busy getting several tons of equipment and food packed and ready over the last couple months and now most of that gear is either in Base Camp or on its way.  It’s always good to plan early!

We anticipate arriving in Base Camp around April 14th and then the fun begins!

Namaste from Kathmandu, Nepal!

-Scott Woolums

The Yak and Yeti Hotel

A sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu- the famous Yak and Yeti Hotel.

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