Welcome to Alaska, June 18 West Buttress Team

Mountains have long drawn people together from around the world.  The draw to wild places and huge spaces is universal.  Here at Mountain Trip, we are fortunate to share the mountains of the Alaska Range with climbers from all parts of the globe.  We welcome a team of climbers who have joined us to attempt the classic West Buttress route on Denali.

Joining us from across around the globe are:

Travis Miller from the US

Christopher Ferrante from the US

Miles Tackett from the UK

David Gordon from Australia

Gustav Deuss from the US

and Etienne Roederer from the UK.

Lead Guide Karl Welter from Telluride, CO will be assisted by Jesse Wright and Logan Demarcus.

Bon appetit! And best of luck, June 18 Team!


Yesterday the group conducted a Team Meeting at the Lakefront Hotel, where we host our climbers before they head into the mountains.

Following the meeting, the guides reviewed each climber’s personal equipment and clothing for the climb. It is important that every climber heading up onto Denali have the right gear, but not too much, as grams add up to be kilograms and Denali is notorious for requiring climbers to carry monster loads of equipment. The trip could last up to 22 days, and a trip that long means lost of food! After the equipment check, climbers selected and packed lunch snacks for the next three weeks. Lunch on Denali is sometimes a sit down affair with sandwiches, soup and warm food, but often, we are too busy climbing to cook, so we eat a variety of snacks as a sort of “lunch on the run.”

We provide many options for snacks and provide our climbers the guidance to pack enough, but not too much, for the coming weeks. This system enables each climber to have ownership of his or her snack choices. Some people prefer salty, crunchy snacks, while other take advantage of Denali’s reputation for burning calories to binge on candy bars!

Today, they drove north a couple hours to the small town of Talkeetna, Alaska. They will participate in another orientation, this one by provided by the National Park Service, before they load all their kit onto ski-equipped planes for the flight into the Alaska Range.

We will post updates as the climbers call in from the field. They do this via satellite phone, which is not a perfect communication system from the mountains of Alaska, as tall ridges often block the transmission or cut calls short. If they do not call in for a few days, they are probably just busy or their calls are not making it out. Keep in mind that, “No News is Good News!!” We encourage you to append comments to posts, because while the climbers won’t see them until they are off the mountain, they will really appreciate knowing that their friends and family have been holding them in their thoughts.


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  1. Good luck Ettiene and everyone else! Hope you all summit and come back down safe and sound! Enjoy the views and journey!

  2. Enjoy the journey and fantastic experience! Hoping the weather gets better everyday. Be safe. God bless you all!

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