Welcome, Team Kumar!

Welcome back to Denali, Aparna Kumar! We are pleased to climb with Aparna again this year on Denali and it’s been a busy whirlwind of a few days for the team. Aparna joins us from her home country of India, making the huge journey to Alaska on June 17th. After a bit of rest, she met with her guide team, consisting of lead guide Sebastian Grau and assistant guide Cory Schmidt. Early the morning of June 19th the team traveled to Talkeetna, checked in with the National Park Service and loaded all of their equipment and supplies onto the plane that took them to the Kahiltna glacier. Best wishes for a great climb!

denali base camp

Denali Base Camp!


Ideally the team will call in daily trip report updates. Sometimes the team forgets, or they get busy with camp chores and the time slips away. Please remember that “no news is good news.”

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  1. Hi Aparna

    I’m Luck, a friend of Eem. I met you last year in Anchorage. This year you come back again. I wish you a successful and safe trip. Best wishes.

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