Weather and cancelled flights

Well, they are off to a slow start on the trek to Everest Basecamp and Island Peak climb.  The flights from Kathmandu to Lukla have been delayed, and cancelled for the second day in a row now as bad weather has prevented the regularly scheduled flights from occurring.  This afternoon they even got into the planes and took off for Lukla, only to be turned around by thick clouds as they got deeper into the mountain valley leading up to Lukla.  It is not uncommon for flights to be delayed by a day or two as they aren’t able to fly if the clouds obscure visibility, but it is an anti-climactic way to start the journey.  They’ve been spending the extra days exploring a bit of Kathmandu, and running to the airport and back to the hotel as they are on stand-by for the weather to break.

They are back in the hotel now for the night, and are on stand-by again for an early morning departure tomorrow!

Here’s a photo of an excited team getting on the planes in Kathmandu, only to be turned around by clouds on the way…

Boarding the plane in Kathmandu!

Boarding the plane in Kathmandu!

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