Vinson Team at Base Camp

The Mountain Trip Vinson team made their way down to Vinson Base Camp yesterday and are settling in to wait out the weather. They are all pretty happy and content for now after a successful summit and they’ve got plenty of good food and a big dome tent to hang out in and watch it snow. The next step in their journey back home is a flight on the ski plane from Vinson basecamp back to the main base at Union Glacier where the jet can land for the flight back to Chile. The weather needs to clear before this next flight can happen, so for now they’ll relax at basecamp and enjoy the Antartica experience!

Here’s the evening dispatch from Vinson basecamp:

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  1. Brad, you sound amazing! We are so proud of you! Hunker down and have a great time. We love and miss you! Stay safe, Sandy and Lola

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