Vinson December 4th Team – Weather day at low camp

Jacob called to let us know that the team couldn’t move up the route to high camp today, as the upper mountain was buffeted by high winds.  The team enjoyed a relatively warm day in the sun, but they could see the wind howling up above.  A couple of climbers did push up and radioed down that it was wholly unpleasant up at the next camp.

Everyone is in great spirits, and took advantage of the day to eat, hydrate and pare down their kits in preparation for the big day moving up to high camp.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the winds slacken a bit so they can move up to a room with a new view tomorrow.

Here is Nungshi Malik, calling in from the Branscomb Glacier, in Antarctica:


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  1. Chris,

    Terri advised us of your adventure and forwarded a link. It sounds amazing. Good luck on your climb and we’ll chat upon your return.


  2. Will be watching and listening for all new postings,
    thinking of you, watching for that bid, wishing you
    all the best luck in the world. Sending all information
    to friends and relatives also watching the weather
    intently. Try to stay warm, Chris, and cheering for
    you all the way. Love, mom

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