Vinson December 4th Team – Acclimatization Day at Low Camp

The team spent the day at Low Camp, reviewing some skills that they’ll need to employ as they head high tomorrow, and letting their bodies acclimatize to the thinning air of over 3000 meters.

Tomorrow will be a big day, and the team will climb over 2000 feet up the steepest terrain of the route.  Much of the route is “fixed,” meaning they will clip themselves into rope that is affixed to anchor points on the slope, providing the climbers security in the event of a fall on the steep terrain.

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  1. Wishing Chris, The Twins, and Jacob an exhilarating day on the climb up to high camp. I hope there will soon be some smiles at 12,500! Warm thoughts to you all from rainy, windy Oregon.

  2. Chris, so proud of you for following your dreams and doing these climbs. I wish I had half of your determination. Warm thoughts your way, it looks really cold. Was great to hear your voice and cant wait to hear all about this climb when you are safely home. Love you

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