Update From Nepal

The evening (local time) update from Nepal is that all of our staff have been flown off the mountain and are at Base Camp.  Three helicopters flew all climbers from Camp 1 back to Base Camp, as the route through the Icefall was rendered impassable due to the numerous aftershocks in the past 36 hours.

Scott Holder and the Germers are all back in Kathmandu and in the Yak and Yeti Hotel, which had been spared damage from the earthquake of two days ago.  Jacob is planning to remain at EBC for a few days to assist with the recovery efforts and organize equipment and supplies.  The situation lower in the Khumbu valley is difficult, with many trekkers and local residents making their way down valley.

Communications have improved somewhat, and the cell tower that connects the upper Khumbu has been repaired, so we can communicate better with Jacob and our EBC staff.  Many of our local staff have departed to check on their families lower in the valley, and we have little knowledge of how they fared, because our friends departed before the cell tower had been repaired.

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